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Web Development is the process of taking a design and ‘building’ a real, functional website that looks and feels like the designer intended.

This is done through coding in various languages; creating a Graphic User Interface (GUI) to make the user’s journey as smooth and efficient as possible, as well as a well thought out and functional back end to ensure good functionality.

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The average web developer in the UK earns between £35K-£50K. That said, sought after web development consultants can earn in the £100Ks.

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Project work of any kind can be quite satisfying, however web development in particular can be extremely rewarding due to the hard work and technical knowledge needed to take a site from design to completion.

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There’s a few routes you can take to become a web developer, one of which is an apprenticeship.

The other option is to take a course at undergraduate level, such as our Web Development HNC this course will teach you everything you need to kick start your career in web development, whether you go straight into work or go onto complete your degree. 

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Web Developers generally fall into one of three categories; Front End, Back End or Full Stack (a combination of the two). 

Front end developers take charge of the way the site looks and feels to the user. This also includes making the site editable through a CMS (Content management system) so that digital marketers {LINK}, and anyone else who needs to edit the website, can. 

Back end developers are responsible for the databases, server connections and everything else that goes into keeping a website online and it’s users safe. 

Full stack developers are able to handle both front end and back end tasks and can therefore handle whole projects on their own if needed.