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Equality and diversity

Inclusion. Diversity. They’re more than just words for us. They’re the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate leaders and create a learning environment that’s the right fit for every person inside of it.

Equality and Diversity at SCIoT

Our Values

We are one of the largest educational institutions and employers in a richly diverse area – we want to reflect that inside our walls.

In everything we do we will:

  • Include
  • Innovate
  • Connect
  • Challenge

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  • Students on campus


    We create opportunities for all, raise aspirations, be diverse in our thinking and offer incredible support to our community.

  • About the SCIoT


    We innovate – our IoT will forever be in beta mode as we seek to continuously refine and adapt our ways of working to respond to new technologies and learning innovations.

  • Student in a wheelchair sat at her desk working on a computer


    We always seek to collaborate and form partnerships, developing a community among our stakeholders which will create opportunities and lead to a thriving alumni network.

  • Student receiving support from a coach


    We have boundless ambition in everything we do, solving real world problems and using non-traditional methods.

Our Vision

  • Where everyone* is included, knows that they belong and that they matter, and can be their authentic self to achieve their full potential
  • Which is representative of the communities it serves
  • Which is proactive in ending prejudice and injustice wherever it’s found, and
  • Which becomes a diversity and inclusion role model for other organisations, and drives improved ‘downstream’ diversity and inclusion within employer partners.

* By ‘everyone’ we mean: learners, staff, dual professionals, partners, members of the wider community and other stakeholders.

Our Priorities

  1. Create a culture of declaration, in which diversity-related data is captured, analysed and used to drive decision-making  
  2. Improve the inclusion of our current students, and identify and address specific needs   
  3. Develop mentoring and allyship programmes with partners
  4. With our learners, co-create an even more inclusive curriculum and student experience for the future
  5. Take proactive action against prejudice and hate (e.g. through relevant activities that support anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-islamophobia etc.)
  6. Engage proactively with prospective learners from under-represented talent groups
  7. Communicate in ways that support increased inclusion and celebrate our diversity
  8. Design-in inclusion at our IoT centres at Bletchley, Oxford and Reading
  9. Set a purposeful intention to recruit a diverse base of staff and dual professionals
  10. Cement the universal responsibility for supporting equality, diversity and inclusion