About the South Central IoT - South Central IoT

Our story

About the South Central IoT

We are the South Central Institute of Technology – providing higher level technical qualifications, apprenticeships and short courses for a new generation of digital visionaries.

About the SCIoT

In a time where the world and careers are shifting, keeping up has never been more important.

As a project led by Milton Keynes College, working with a consortium of world-leading brands including Microsoft, KPMG, Activate Learning, and Cranfield University and part of the national Institutes of Technology – we’re always one step ahead of the game.  

We offer a hub of innovation and world-leading technological advancements with relentless dedication to future-proof the lives and skills of learners. At South Central IoT, you can be anything ready.  

SCIoT classroom with a desk and TV, 2 students are working on laptops while their teacher stands nearby

Why are we here?

We’re here to bridge the digital skills gap, understand and respond to business needs, and create unrivalled talent in the process. We provide higher level technical qualifications and offer a real-world learning experience, aiming to increase the diversity of the technology sector and develop learners, just like you, who are prepared for every opportunity they come across.   

SCIoT computer classroom with 3 students sat at computers working

Our values

We’re purpose-led, and everyone here lives and breathes our values: 


We create opportunities for all, raise aspirations, are diverse in our thinking and offer incredible support to our community.  


South Central IoT will forever be in beta mode as we seek to continuously refine and adapt our ways of working to respond to new technologies and innovations in learning.   


We always seek to collaborate and form partnerships, developing a community among our stakeholders which will create opportunities and lead to a thriving alumni network.  


We have boundless ambition in everything we do, solving real world problems and using non-traditional methods.