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Atomic Lessons

At the South Central Institute of Technology, we provide a whole host of courses to develop your digital skills, including bitesize short courses.

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Atomic Lessons at the South Central Institute of Technology

Atomic Lessons at the South Central Institute of Technology

On offer are a selection of bite size courses to help you hone your skills in certain areas of digital skills. For more information on the courses below, please get in touch with

Intermediate Excel

What will I do?

  • Take your Excel data cleansing and manipulation skills to the next level.
  • Learn data visualisation best practice when creating tables, charts and diagrams (and why Pie Charts are bad). Including Conditional formatting.
  • Learn a range of formulas that are essential for solving the most common spreadsheet queries.
  • Referencing data between sheets and workbooks, automatically updating data and visualisations.
  • Learn shortcuts and tips and tricks to make handling large spreadsheets or data sets quick, easy and pain-free.

What will I do?

This course is for you if you have some knowledge and experience of using Excel, and want to learn tips, tricks and shortcuts to take your spreadsheet manipulation skills to the next level, solve common problems and questions quickly and efficiently.

Are there any entry requirements?

You will need to have prior knowledge and experience of using Excel, as the basics will not be covered.

Student support from tutors

Pivot Tables

What will I do?

Data analytics is one of the fastest growing areas of the Digital world. This class will demystify what a Pivot Table is, how to use Excel to make one quickly and easily to answer business questions. Learners will also understand basic data cleansing skills and how to test if the data is ready for analysis.

Within a period of 2 hours students will go from zero knowledge, progressing to analysing a small data set and then finally cleansing and analysing a 1 million line spreadsheet

Is it for me?

This class is suitable for anyone who uses any spreadsheet data from small tables to huge datasets

Entry requirements

Limited familiarity with spreadsheet software such as Excel is beneficial. Students are welcome to bring their own laptop if they prefer.

Data Analytics student, Emma