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Short course

Data Analytics: Excel

Modelling data using Excel

Offered at: Bletchley Campus

What will I do?

Learning Excel is vital in a data-driven world. It empowers efficient data organisation, analysis, and presentation for informed decision-making. Mastering Excel enhances productivity, problem-solving, and opens opportunities. Cover the fundamentals and learn techniques to continuously develop Excel skills and stay competitive.

Prior to the course you will go through the essentials of using spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel. Then, with Microsoft specialist, you will learn the tools, tips, and tricks to increase you confidence and productivity with data based tasks. The course will include practical walk throughs on:

  • The fundamentals of data analysis
  • Understanding cell references and formatting techniques
  • Basic arithmetic operations
  • Essential functions for data analysis (Highlight the mathematics behind)
  • Lookup and reference functions for searching and retrieving data
  • Mathematical and Statistical functions
  • Conditional formatting

You will also learn how to effectively use Generative AI to support your continued learning and
mastery of Microsoft Excel.

Is it for me?

Excel empowers a wide range of individuals in various fields. This course is ideal for professionals wanting to enhance their data analysis skills for better decision-making; modeling and forecasting, and improved visualisation of insights.

What’s next?

Those completing will have a practical understanding of the most useful Excel tools and could progress onto:

  • Short course on Data Analytics.
  • HNC/D in Data Analytics.
  • Microsoft pathways in VBA or PowerBi.

Entry Requirements

All pre-requisite knowledge is covered in a pre-course online training but basic IT skills will help.

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