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Short course

Ethical AI

Boosting Productivity with Generative Language Models.

Offered at: Bletchley Campus

What will I do?

How can generative AI serve you and your business in a productive and ethical way?

Take an ethically informed approach to unlocking Generative AI’s potential for enhancing productivity through Natural Language Models. Generative AI has emerged as a ground-breaking tool capable of reshaping industries by generating human-like content. This course introduces you to the world of ethical AI utilisation, focusing on the power of Generative AI in a business context.

This course introduces you to Generative AI, centring on text generation through advanced Natural Language Models like ChatGPT. Ethical considerations are a cornerstone, guiding discussions on responsible AI implementation. Dive into the technique of prompt engineering, honing the ability to guide AI models toward desired outcomes, thereby boosting productivity and creativity.

Is it for me?

Designed for the curious and productivity-oriented, this course is your gateway to harnessing the ethical potential of Generative AI. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional, or enthusiast, this course empowers you to navigate the intersection of technology and ethics, enabling you to effectively employ AI tools while upholding ethical standards.

What’s next?

Elevate your understanding of Generative AI’s ethical implications and productivity enhancements. Embark on this transformative learning journey and acquire practical skills that bridge cutting-edge technology with responsible AI utilisation. Prepare to engage with the future of AI-driven productivity in an ethical and impactful manner.

Entry Requirements

Email address and typing ability.

Games and Animation students at SCIoT

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